11 Myths of Mainstream Nutrition

There are not too many things I get evangelical about but as some of the people close to me know last year I made a few food decisions. During this past year I have watched (over the internet) this similar topic gain tremendous widespread attention and promotion.

The topic and points for consideration are broad but the one single item I want to mention here, simply because I feel so strongly about it.

Everything is a choice and we each have our own set of bias criteria, conscious of not, for deciding what and when something goes down our throat. But the one ingredient that most of us can't deny is not good for us and gaining a reputation as the deadliest substance on the planet - that little white sparkling powdery stuff, no not that class A drug but instead that simple ingredient that finds its way into almost everything we consume - sugar!

I recently came across this website called Authority Nutrition with another interesting article about some food myths and a closing section on sugar - which is what really caught my attention. 

I'm compelled to say something motivational like - "Come on let's kick sugar..." :-) but then it strikes me how serious this actually is. I certainly still dip into the cookie jar, definitely too often, it's a drug isn't it. My relationship to sugar might be not that much different to a drug addict who knows his taste for chosen stimulant is not good but justifies why the continued use. Okay that's just depressing…!

If you read the full article - notice the gazillion comments from readers. I don't think I have ever seen so many comments to a single article before. They can be quite insightful too.

Here's that extract that caught my attention:

Sugar causes a relentless biochemical drive for humans to eat more and get fat. It is probably the single worst ingredient in the standard western diet.

Bottom Line: The harmful effects of sugar go way beyond empty calories. Sugar wreaks havoc on our metabolism and sets us up for weight gain and many serious diseases.

And the link to the full article:

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