Are you overtraining, or not training enough?

Those who train too hard, too often are weakening due to overload of the nervous and immune systems. Furthermore, inadequate periods of recovery leading to ‘weakness windows’ during which they inevitably continue to train. The result is pain, reduced muscle fibre recruitment and an inability to perform basic tests of functional strength, such as the grip and jump tests. So we have active, seemingly fit people, perhaps with large muscles but who lack fundamental strength.

gripBy contrast, those who do not move and do not lift, push or pull heavy objects, are weak due to muscle disuse. Muscles not used atrophy over time, the consequence being reduced strength as well as reduced tolerance to loading, the result often being tendon injuries.

The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. Muscles that are trained but not overtrained are lean, strong and work well to keep us functional and protected. Correct strength training, according to Dr Phill Maffetone, should not result in soreness or fatigue. He proposes regular sets of only 6 compound exercises such as squats or lunges, performed slowly, using a weight 80% of a one-repetition maximum. Less is often more.

If you are training hard, but picking up strength related injuries, or not training enough, you may need help. Please give us a call on 01 2834303 to book an appointment to get proper guidance and treatment.

By Simon.

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