Announcement-Changes To Our Practice

At the end of last year we hinted towards some changes to our practice that we wanted to announce.

Here are the highlights...

Practice Name Change

Those of you who have been our clients for many years may remember we changed our name 4 years ago from ‘Mount Merrion Physiotherapy’ to ‘Therapy Xperts Mount Merrion.’ Well, after giving the matter much thought we have decided to revert back to our original name.

Why? Mainly for clarity. During recent years we have recognised many variants of our clinic name used by our clients and members of the public such as; Expert Physios, Physio Xperts or even Mount Merrion Experts. As you can appreciate it is important to have a consistent name.

‘Mount Merrion Chartered Physiotherapy’ - says exactly where we are and what we do, keeping it simple and to the point.

During the month of February our clinic will be re-branded updating all external and internal signage. Our new branding will reflect the new ‘hand-tree’ logo and styling as shown at the top of our website - see above.

Pilates Online Booking System

We are moving away from a mostly manual booking system and the need to process card payments over the phone for our Pilates courses. A smooth and simple online system for easier bookings and quicker, more secure card payments has been launched. Ready for our next Pilates term bookings and payments can be done online.

To ensure the highest level of security during the booking process we have employed industry standard page data encryption on pages we collect personal information and payments are handled through Ireland's No.1 Online Payment Service Provider - Realex Payments, the same system we have been using in our clinic for many years.

Exercise Prescription by High Definition Video

Many clients are prescribed exercises to perform at home as part of their recovery and rehabilitation. Therapeutic exercise is a fundamental part of restoring and maintaining optimal physical health. We feel so strongly that the more successful we can be in supporting you to complete your prescribed exercises effectively - the quicker and better you will return to optimal function.

Example view of an online demonstration:


This would be a service offered at no extra cost to you. We would provide an individually tailored and high quality video package, accessible online, so that you may see your prescribed exercises demonstrated by a Chartered Physiotherapist or specific sports trainer. We are going to be testing this service for a trial period initially to test it's effectiveness with our clients before committing to a full featured service.

Introducing Robin

1.RC-260x260We would also like to officially introduce a new face to the team who some of you have already met or dealt with. Robin has been assisting us with practice management processes, IT systems and administrative support in areas that ensure we continue to provide you with the very best care and service.

About 6 months ago Simon called upon Robin, his little brother (younger but not so little in fact), for some pro-active practice management support. The intention was to allow both Simon and Lorraine to continue focusing more on the clinical side of the practice; on-going evidence based research and team skills development maintaining the highest standard of Physiotherapy care.

Prior to being involved with Mount Merrion Chartered Physiotherapy Robin spent 8 years in the UK with the online retailer Ocado as General Manager responsible for logistics and customer service of multiple distribution sites across the country.

Robin is helping us review and refine our practice efficiencies, technological advances such as our new websites, Pilates online booking and payment system as well as other in-clinic processes.

Being a bit of a 'health-nut' too and loving his outdoor activities, he takes a great interest in physical health and fitness. Robin is enjoying working with us and our clinic so you may hear more from him in the future.

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