Don't get Weaker as you get Older

We start to lose muscle mass from the age of 30. This phenomenon occurs more rapidly in those who are sedentary and sit long periods each day.

As we age, we also become more susceptible to muscle imbalance, where some muscles tighten, and others weaken to create increased joint stress and injury. Muscle imbalance is a big issue for golfers, for example.

As we age, muscle recovery also takes longer after a bout of exercise or physical strain. While recovering, the muscles are in a weakened state and prone to injury.

It is essential to make every effort to maintain and even improve muscle function as we age through correctly prescribed exercise, diet, advice and treatment if required.

shutterstock 793796611I have treated many clients who, with the best of intentions, have tried to use apps and other generic online exercise programmes to try and get fitter and stronger. These types of non-specific exercise programmes may work for some. Still, from my experience, many succumb to injury, a result of doing inappropriate exercises for their bodies, or achieve mediocre results.

The best exercise programmes are tailored to individual needs and provided by an experienced chartered physiotherapist. A chartered physiotherapist can also provide advice and treat injuries if required, to prepare for ongoing strengthening. Sometimes there are no short cuts do doing it right.

Physiotherapy is an investment of time and money, which over the years will provide excellent returns and is very worthwhile. If we can be of help, please call us on 01 2834303 to book an assessment with a member of the physio team.

By Simon.



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