Fixing Lockdown, Appointments and a new Blog

It is mid-summer already, and where has the lovely sunshine gone? It might be a bit dull outside of late; however, we like to make sure our clinic remains bright and vibrant. Katie and Rachael contribute with their enthusiasm and energy, always doing that bit extra for their clients. You may have gathered we like a bit of music as well!

The last few months have changed routines and created some new challenges for our bodies. From new online exercise classes to working long hours on laptops at home, we have been sorting out plenty of aches and pains. It has been very satisfying to observe the effectiveness of only a few physiotherapy sessions to help our clients get back on track, feeling better and moving better.
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Current infection control and avoidance guidelines require us to allocate 15 minutes after each treatment session to clean and sanitise the treatment are surrounding areas within the clinic. We also use this time to change our PPE. 
The added time per session is, of course, necessary but has reduced the number of treatment sessions we can offer each day, with a knock-on effect on appointment availability.
We are doing our very best to ensure that our current and new clients are not waiting too long for an appointment by managing our diaries carefully. We also have a new 'waiting list' system which allows clients to be contacted as and when earlier appointments become available. 
Our 'Text when Ready' system
As our reception area is currently out of action due to physical distancing requirements, we are sending a text message to let you know when we are 'ready' to for you to come into the clinic for your appointment. 
This system has been working very well, except on the rare occasion for reasons beyond our control, the text message is held up by the cellular networks, which may delay delivery to your phone.  If your appointment time is due and you have not received your text, please come to the front door and ring the doorbell rather than wait outside and delay the start of your treatment. 
Is physiotherapy good for treating sciatica?
Simon has recently launched a new blog called Physiotherapy Q&A. The aim is to provide answers to common questions we have received from our clients over the years. A recent post explores the role of physiotherapy in the treatment of low back pain with sciatica type leg pain. If you would like to read this post and perhaps some others, please click here. If you have any suggestions or questions for future posts, please let us know.
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