How Well Do You Know Your Therapist?

I have recently found myself in a number of conversations about the consequences the lack of a national medical regulatory body in Ireland has on public awareness.

For instance, your 'Physiotherapist' may have completed a part time course in physical therapy or a four year full time university degree - both being able to call themselves a Physiotherapist, regardless of which route was taken. Only those who have completed accredited four year university degree programmes may call themselves "Chartered" Physiotherapists.

Understandably, any associated benefit (or risk) is considerably influenced by the level of training and education of the therapist.

I've recently added my two pennies worth to this discussion which was published in the Irish Times newspaper. You can see the article here - Qualifying qualifications in healthcare.

My response was prompted by a previous article I had read called - Finding the best way to pay for the complement.

In both articles, acupuncture has been mentioned and I feel this is a good opportunity to share a little insight or two into the wonders these little needles can do for health (for research and evidence based conditions only, of course).

The following two sections on our website offer excellent insights to begin with;

How Acupuncture Works and Acupuncture During Pregnancy 

 Yours in good health!

Simon Coghlan

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