Live longer by Aligning your Jaw

Most of us are used to dentists telling us what to do so that our teeth will look good, and work properly.

But what many dentists don't realise is that a misaligned bite may also trigger your autonomic nervous system to send a fight-or-flight signal to your body, causing a domino effect of inflammation and stress.

To test your jaw alignment, relax your muscles with your mouth open and then slowly bite down. If your molars don't hit evenly just before your front teeth touch, your jaw may be misaligned.

blonde 2094172 640There are different causes of jaw misalignment. Clinically this often relates to dysfunction of small muscles which operate the jaw. One side has to synchronise with the other, and if a muscle such as the lateral pterygoid, is overactive on one side this can cause the jaw to deviate excessively to the opposite side.

You may benefit from buying a bite guard from the pharmacy or getting a custom one made by your dentist.

If this is not effective, I would suggest a consultation during which I will accurately assess the jaw (temporomandibular joint), and it's related structures, including its operating muscles.

Depending on the assessment findings, a course of physiotherapy will aim to treat dysfunction and restore normal jaw alignment. Successful treatment would allow you to use your jaw correctly, reduce abnormal wear of the teeth, and also feel better throughout your body.

By Simon.

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