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Reasons to consider a Partial Knee Replacement

Consider the following scenario:

You are a fit and active 65-year-old man; you play golf once a week and tennis twice a week. Your right knee has been creaking for a few years, and during the previous few weeks has become very sore, swollen and stiff. Your knee is now slowing you down, affecting your enjoyment of sport and exercise. You are waking with pain in the mornings and finding it slower to get up and going.

You consult an experienced chartered physiotherapist who, following a thorough clinical assessment, diagnoses you with medial compartmental knee osteoarthritis. Your physiotherapist provides a course of treatment which reduces your pain levels by 60% and improves the mobility and strength of your knee. A good result, but not quite enough to get you back to playing golf and tennis comfortably. What next?

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