Medical Acupuncture for Sinusitis

acu-in-noseAcupuncture is continuing to gain widespread interest from the general public and is becoming an ever increasingly popular form of treatment. If you're not familiar with the 'Medical Acupuncture' approach you can read a bit more about it here - What is Acupuncture


a more unusual condition to be effectively treated by acupuncture.

Summer is upon us and hopefully many of us will be spending more time outdoors enjoying the intermittent clear skies and warmer breezes. A side effect of this is the increased exposure to air pollutants and allergens which cause allergies and sinus problems for many people.

For a detailed explanation on the symptoms of sinusitis and the positive results achieved with acupuncture, here is an article I published last year following a period of such increased conditions - Acupuncture for Sinusitis.

Acupuncture is an effective technique used alongside manual therapy and exercise to treat a wide range of conditions including musculoskeletal pain, such as back, shoulder, neck and leg pain.

If you are currently suffering a physical pain and require specialist diagnosis and treatment - you can book an immediate appointment directly through our reception on 01 283 4303.

Simon Coghlan - MSc BSc(Hons) Physio DipMedAc MISCP BMAS

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