Mulligan Concept Technique

Earlier this month I attended an update course on what is referred to as the ‘Mulligan concept’ taught by experienced physiotherapist and educator Jean Madden MMACP.

This is a hands on, manual therapy approach devised by well-respected kiwi, Brian Mulligan. It focusses treatment of pain and is also concerned with restoring movement and function.

His no nonsense approach is quick and gets results fast - if it doesn’t work immediately, move on and try something else.

During the course my very stiff left hip quickly ‘unlocked’ in response to one of the techniques, since then my back, and knee has never felt better and no longer gives me pain when I run!

He has found the techniques great for getting stiff and painful shoulders, hips and knees moving quickly. These techniques also work very well for tennis elbow. Best of all they should not be painful to apply and they help the body and its joints function in a more normal, biomechanically efficient manner.

I have been using these techniques for many years and find they also combine very well with medical acupuncture and exercise. Such is the effectiveness and growing evidence base to support this approach, Mr Mulligan now has his techniques taught at the top universities around the world.



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