My First Week At Mount Merrion Physiotherapy

My first two weeks of induction at Mount Merrion Physiotherapy were spent mostly with Katie and Simon in preparation for Katie's departure and my first official week.

Last week I officially took over from Katie and it was great to get started on my own and to meet many clients as well as to start teaching on the new summer term of Pilates.

My induction weeks were undoubtedly beneficial and I am very grateful to Simon and Katie for all their effort and time making this transition a smooth one. I really enjoyed my first official week and I am delighted to be a part of the Mount Merrion team.

Katie’s support

Katie and I reviewed the treatment plans and goals for each client currently in treatment including the detailed case notes on file. We also reviewed how the Pilates service runs at Mount Merrion and because the classes aim to provide more consideration for each client’s needs we spent time reviewing each class level and the history of our current members.

Katie and I did some practice Pilates classes together in order to compare and contrast different styles. I also participated in some of Katie's classes - I had abdominal muscles of steel by the end of the week! It was lovely to meet Katie and to have the opportunity for such a smooth handover of her client caseload and the Pilates service. I am looking forward to being able to maintain the high standards of service for my clients.

Simon’s support

Simon inducted me into the daily processes of the clinic and trained me on the practice management systems, including general housekeeping procedures. By the end of my first two weeks on induction my brain was very full with new information.

Again, I would like to pass on a very big thank you to Katie and Simon for their support. Naturally Katie and I will have our own unique styles but our aim and intentions within Mount Merrion Physiotherapy will be the same. I would like to reassure my clients that I will be trying my best to continue your treatment in a way you are familiar with and invite any questions or feedback you may have for me during our consultation.


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