New Pilates Courses Starting 17th February 2014

about-pilatesWe have just published our latest Pilates course schedule.

In previous terms we have not been able to accommodate all the interest in our courses. As promised, we have reviewed our schedule and have managed to squeeze in another two beginner-level classes.

We will always be restricted by the number of classes we can run each week for two reasons

  1. Our instructors are full-time Chartered Physiotherapists
  2. Limited availability of the studio because we also use it as a downstairs consultation room

We have also combined the advanced-beginner and improver level to be able to offer you a smoother progression path. When you reach a suitable level of proficiency in your Pilates practise and would clearly benefit from moving up to a more advanced level you will then be invited by your instructor to progress to the 'improver' level.

Signing up for one of our courses is very simple. We have a secure online booking system where you can choose your class, register and pay using a debit, laser or credit card to reserve your place immediately. You will receive instant confirmation of the success of your booking.

Alternatively, you may choose to pay by cheque and your place will be confirmed once payment has been received.

Latest Schedule

View our latest Pilates course schedule - http://mmphysiopilates.com/dublin/join-a-class.html

Our Pilates classes are led by a Chartered Physiotherapist and offers you a very high level of instruction and professional guidance. The reason many of our Pilates clients join our classes is to help reduce pain and/ or improve movement function following previous injury or managing conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

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We hope you will join us in our next term beginning in February.

Pregnancy Pilates

Our pregnancy Pilates classes continue to run weekly on Wednesday evenings between 18:00-19:00.

Our pregnancy Pilates clients have the flexibility of signing up for each class on a class by class basis at €15,00/class or may purchase blocks of 4 classes at a discounted rate.

Pregnancy Pilates booking info here - https://bookings.mmphysiopilates.com/pregnancy

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We wish you a happy and healthy start to the new year,

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