New year fitness and weight loss

runningIt’s the new year, the gyms are full as the fitness industry enjoys its busiest time of the year.

Of course there are many benefits to exercising more which is often up there on the New Years resolutions list. Many are also trying to drop those few extra Christmas pounds.

My advice would be to start slow, give your joints and tendons time to adapt to the extra load that exercise will place on them. Increase your times, distances, speeds or weights gradually and allow at least a day or two between sessions to recover.

Drink water to thirst, there is no need for sugary sports drinks.

If you are trying to lose some weight, be mindful of your diet which accounts for 80% of your body composition. Exercise is important, but on its own has been shown to be ineffective for weight loss. For best results, cut out sugary treats and cut back on breads, high carbohydrate vegetables like white potatoes and alcohol (especially beers) while not being afraid to eat a bit more healthy fat (avoiding seed oils) which will prevent you getting hungry. Eating moderate amounts of high quality, wild, organic, pasture raised fish, chicken, pork, and meat as sources of protein help with muscle growth and repair.

Get plenty of sleep and rest, don’t push too hard at this time of year when your body expects more down time. That said, in addition to some structured exercise sessions, the benefits of simply getting up and moving regularly cannot be overstated. According to author and researcher Katy Bowman, simple regular movement is the single most important thing we can do to safeguard our long term health.

By Simon

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