Pain Intensity; Why Does My Pain Hurt So Much?

The pain process is a complex and intelligent signalling system between the affected area of the body and the brain. This system is ultimately trying to protect us but it seems we can trick ourselves by making the pain sensation far worse relative to the injury.

In a recent article called "What happens when we feel pain?" I explored this pain process including questioning why pain can become persistent, how unhelpful thoughts play a role as well as best treatment and pain management techniques.

Here are two excellently presented, intriguing and entertaining videos by Professor Lorimer Moseley, a clinical scientist investigating pain in humans.

These are well worth a watch. Enjoy.

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Why Exercise Is So Important For Your Health - part 2

Can I exercise too much?

Sure you can. There is such a thing as ‘chronic cardio’ where the amount of exercise you do can actually have negative long term consequences on your health.

Although in my experience, those I meet who are chronic exercises are often aware of what they are doing and are driven by something else rather than the pursuit of optimal health.

Another quote I recall from a runners forum:

I run to add life to my years not years to my life

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The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation - INFOGRAPHIC

Good quality sleep is really important. Sleep not only enables the body to recharge physically but is also essential for helping us stay mentally alert and balanced. In fact, poor quality and not enough sleep over prolonged periods can affect our health in many negatively ways.

This infographic describes The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

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Why Exercise Is So Important For Your Health - part 1

With increasing lifespans, rising chronic disease rates, challenged health care systems and an explosion in easily accessible health information - it seems everyone is searching and sharing their experiences in trying to discover that magic pill for perfect health. Maybe it is and has been right under our noses all this time.

Why is an athlete better off than you or me?

Have you ever been in awe from the physical perfection of a professional athlete? Just last year we witnessed one of the greatest sporting events, the Olympics, bearing witness to those runners, riders, throwers, jumpers and others who dedicate incredible time and effort preparing their precision sculpted bodies for the highest level of performance in their sport.

Any such athlete rarely reaches this point alone. Trainers, coaches, Physiotherapy teams and the latest and most advanced sports medical research assists the athlete through the highs and lows of such demanding training. Sickness or injury would present a major set-back and strategies for prevention and recovery is hardly left to chance.

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How To Relieve Shoulder Pain

When asking yourself "Why do I have Shoulder Pain?" I suggest you don't waste much time agonising about how it happened but rather focus on how you are going to relieve your pain and achieve a speedy recovery. Do not leave it too long before receiving treatment. It is normal to rest an inflamed or irritated muscle but timing and type of treatment along with doing specific shoulder pain exercises will be necessary for a quick recovery.  

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Barefoot Running Preparations

In a previous post "Should I Go Barefoot Or Stick With Trainers?Simon explored some thoughts on the barefoot running technique that has become popular in minimalist circles.

Simon's objective review of the different fore foot strike patterns revealed he has himself adopted a slightly altered running position but clearly points out that barefoot running is not for everyone. In his own case, an over-pronator with a leg length discrepancy reliant on the use of orthotics, he makes a good point that barefoot running is probably not the best idea for him.

We all need to take such an honest and reflective view of our own biomechanics and medical history if considering the barefoot running style.

Here are two videos that will add insight and provoke thoughts well worth considering …

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Why Exercise Makes You Happy

Most people have heard about the feel good endophins our bodies reward us with after just 20 minutes of exercise. Did you know that these pain fighting peptides play only a small part in the exercise-happiness relationship?

Here is a wonderful infographic titled "The Happiness Effect" explaining what's going on inside of us when we're stressed and why raising our heart beat is a fantastic antidote.

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Coping With Arthritis And Our Treatment Approach

What is peculiar about osteoarthritis, for example of the lumbar spine, is trying to predict who will and won't suffer from pain symptoms. Studies have repeatedly shown that some arthritis sufferers have significant ‘wear and tear’ of the lumbar joints but experience no pain at all - whereas others may have more mild wear and tear changes yet suffer from debilitating pain and dysfunction.

As such there is poor correlation between the extent of the arthritis and the severity of the pain symptoms which may arise. For this reason we also need to be careful to avoid putting all back pain suffered by those in their more senior years as being ‘arthritis’ as this may not be the case.

Indeed arthritis may be the cause, but there are many other reasons someone may be suffering from back pain. At times arthritic changes seen on MRI for example may be a chance finding and not actually the cause of the pain at all. A good clinical assessment is usually able to determine whether the pain is arthritis related.

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Guide To The Paleo Way - INFOGRAPHIC

In a recent article "Am I Exercising Enough To Lose Weight?" I spoke about the Paleo or otherwise called 'Primal' or 'Caveman' eating way. I recently came across this infographic outlining the Paleo concept and so thought it would be a good idea to offer it here as a useful resource for those of you who may be interested to know more about it. 

View the infographic below. Enjoy. 

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mmCP Newsletter - May 2013

Baby Lia Ryley - born 30th April

We are excited to announce the arrival of Simon and Lorraine's second child. Lorraine and baby are in great health and resting well. Thank you for all the kind wishes we have received. 

Lorraine will be on maternity leave until November 2013 and until her return Simon, Katie and Paula will be taking very good care of Lorraine's clients. 

May 2013 Dublin Events

Dublin City Soul Festival May 23rd – 26th

This is Ireland’s feel-good festival, raising funds for the Musical Youth Foundation children’s charity. If you fancy a mood uplifting and vibrant place to be this might be the perfect choice later this month.
Visit the official website here

Bloom 2013 in Phoenix Park May 30th - June 3rd

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