Three tips for preventing back pain

About 60% of my clients are suffering from and being treated for low back pain.

Once resolved, my top three tips for preventing another episode are:

1. Get good sleep.

Inadequate or non restorative sleep increases the risk of developing back pain as well as other health problems. Sleep hygiene is essential, sleep coaching necessary for some. If you are struggling with sleep, let me help you with some specific coaching.

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How I like to warm up safely and effectively

A good warm up before exercise or a sporting event may help reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.

Here is my preferred method when preparing for a run.

1. Get a good nights sleep, essential to get me ready for exercising the next day.

2. I don’t eat breakfast most days, preferring to fast until about lunchtime. Exercising on an empty stomach helps improve blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity and fat metabolism. So the best time for me to exercise is in the morning.

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Lower Limb Biomechanics and the role of Footwear and Orthotics

The biomechanics of our lower limbs refer to the way the joints of our feet, knees, hips, and all the muscles, tendons and ligaments in between, work together to create movement.

Each person’s biomechanics will vary, and sometimes when certain joints or muscles aren’t working to their full potential, others will have to work harder to compensate, and this can result in lower limb pain or functional problems.

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Our Name has Changed!

IMG 0472We are now Mount Merrion Physiotherapy & Health

Our new name reflects the evolution of our clinic as one that offers expert chartered physiotherapy as our main service, as well as a range of related health services.

Our aim is to consider health more broadly, doing all we can to help prevent illness, injury , pain and disease by helping our clients take a proactive approach.

Did you know, we also offer:

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Tips for optimising long term health

Inspired by the work and wisdom of Dr. Tommy Wood over of Nourish Balance Thrive, here are some tips to help ensure a life of health and longevity.

Sleep more
- You need at least 7-8 Hours per night
- Don’t exercise before bed
- No caffeine after 3pm
- Use blue light filters when it gets dark, either screen filters or glasses when watching TV-
- Avoid using smartphones or tablets before bed, no email!
- Moderate alcohol

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The Hardest Part of my Job

download 3....Is managing client expectations, most definitely.

Most of my clients of course want and expect a quick fix, one maybe two treatment sessions.

This may be possible when treating an injury or pain complaint which is fairly fresh, perhaps having been causing physical problems for up to a week or two. If we are able to start treatment early, give the correct advice, the correct exercises as well as using other techniques which help pain relief, healing and repair, a quick resolution is normally possible.


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New to Ireland - PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation

Introducing Senior Chartered Physiotherapist Emily Smyth who has recently started working with us at Mount Merrion Chartered Physiotherapy.

Our services include Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Pre and Postnatal Care, long term Injury Rehabilitation and now the PINC (for women) and STEEL (for men) Cancer Rehabilitation Programs offered by Emily who has undergone specialised training. 

PINC & STEEL was developed by the Cancer Rehabilitation Trust of Australia and has been the pioneering force behind the cancer rehabilitation movement in New Zealand and Australia since 2005.

It is aimed at women and men at any stage of their cancer treatment. We focus on ensuring patients can be active throughout their treatment by addressing any musculoskeletal problems which may be limiting their ability to exercise and by educating them on the importance of maintaining activity levels. Staying active during cancer treatment has been shown to help alleviate or prevent physical impairments, reduces pain, fatigue, depression, sleep disturbances and other symptoms commonly reported during cancer treatment.

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Knowing how to treat nerve pain effectively

Our nerves are important communicators of information between the brain and the body. When working well they allow our muscles to function smoothly, allowing fluid movement and function. They also convey internal and external sensory information to the brain which creates an awareness of where were are, what we are doing and how things feel.

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About Red Wine, Headaches and Sleep

I love a glass of red wine, for various reasons including, when drunk in moderation, it’s health benefits.

But these health benefits, largely due to the polyphenols (antioxidants which scavenge harmful free radicals) found in the grape skins, can be strongly negated by all the other junk that is found in many wines.

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What is a Cervicogenic Headache?

downloadHeadaches come in many different forms. The International Headaches Society has over 300 types of headaches in its classification system! The IHS system although very comprehensive is better suited for research purposes and perhaps less suitable for use in clinical practice.

A cervicogenic headache is characterised by pain referred to the head from the cervical spine (neck).These types of headaches are caused by abnormalities in the joints, muscles and neural structures of the neck region.

There is no one tell tale sign or unique feature that can differentiate between different types of headaches. We must look at a range of features from our clients history and our physical examination.

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