Please take getting good sleep seriously, here's why..

You were up to feed the baby and then could not get back to sleep as a troubling thought came to mind which you could not shake. One thought lead to another and before long your mind is racing, an hour later and you are still wide awake! The alarm goes off, you’re not sure if it’s waking you up of if you were ever really asleep.

This may be one of many scenario’s which get in the way of a good 7-8 hours of quality restorative sleep. Following good sleep hygiene tips can help, but not everyone is able to be so structured and disciplined before bedtime, especially if juggling the demands of a family, relationship and commitments.

I don’t have a guaranteed solution, a quick fix or magic potion. I know what does and does not work for me, but you will have different needs. That said I’d suggest doing a bit of reading and research on the topic of sleep.

Why? ...well because here are just 5 of the negative consequences which could follow should you be dependent on too many cups of coffee to get you through the day.

Muscle aches and twitches.

The build-up on neurotransmitters in the nerve synapses occurs during the day, sleep is important to regulate this, not enough may lead your msucles (for example the msucles around your eye) to twitch erratically.


Those who lack sleep are more prone to developing persistent pain, for example low back pain.

Heart disease

Due to the disturbances in the interaction of stress hormones, increased blood pressure4 and reduced glucose metabolism.

Diabetes & obesity

woman 2197947 960 720Tiredness slows glucose metabolism, making the development of type 2 diabetes more likely. Raised ghrelin levels when tired also cause you to crave more carbohydrate rich foods which lead to obesity.

Loss of perspective

We overrate to negative events when sleep deprived, this is due to disturbances activity within the amygdala region of the brain which regulates emotions. So when the kids aren’t brushing their teeth in the morning, refuse to put on shoes, and you’re about to blow because you have to leave the house, you now know part of the reason why!

The intention here is not to make you even more anxious about not sleeping well, but rather to create awareness, so you can empower yourself to make a few changes which might significantly benefit your health in the long run. 

By Simon

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