Smart Distancing, Smart Shoes & Tension Headaches

I was struck this weekend by the number of people out and about, moving, exercising, benefitting from sunlight and being sensible. The data is clear; after age, it is metabolic health which determines how likely we are to suffer COVID-19 complications. As well as regular movement and exercise, simply cutting well down on sugar and other refined carbohydrates, processed food and vegetable oils can improve your metabolic health in a matter of weeks. 

Walking as a form of exercise is an excellent option, with 2-5 hours a week recommended. Unless you have grown up walking barefoot, correct footwear is essential to avoid overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinopathy. A well-structured trainer is a good choice, but there are other options such as our select range of podiatric summer shoes and sandals for the ladies. The Strive shoe functions like a technical supportive walking shoe, disguised as a stylish looking fashion shoe! For those who like to walk, find it challenging to find comfortable shoes and don't fancy wearing garish trainers, give us a call to arrange a time to come to the clinic to try a pair.

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Changing tack, with an example of how physical and mental health often merges, Simon's new article on tension-type headaches, what causes them and how best to treat them can be read here
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Finally, our in-clinic appointments for those with essential physical health concerns are in high demand. We are doing our very best to offer those who call for an appointment as soon as possible, usually the same day or the day after. Katie Farrell, our senior physiotherapist, has been a star, willing to stay on the see extra clients who need urgent treatment. Being able to have a positive impact on so many peoples lives, at this challenging time, has been very gratifying. We'd also like to thank all our clients who have trusted us to look after them safely at this time.
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