Sticking Your Neck Out

How many of us stop to consider the position of our head on our shoulders? 

Optimal posture is worth aspiring to; it enhances everybody's shape and size. Whereas a less ideal posture may lead to a reduction in neck mobility along with stiffness, pain and possibly headaches.

How to Avoid Neck Muscle Strain

with these 3 simple exercises

Good sitting posture

  • Sit tall on your sit bones
  • Bring shoulders back a little
  • Tuck chin in slightly
  • Imagine you are being pulled gently upwards by a string from the centre of the crown of your head.
  • This may seem uncomfortable to you at first but try to get into this position every 20 minutes.

In the above good sitting posture

  • Bring one ear towards the shoulder
  • Repeat on the other side
  • Repeat this exercise twice a day

Again, in your new good sitting posture

  • Turn your chin as far as possible towards one shoulder
  • Then around to the opposite one
  • Repeat this exercise twice a day
  • It is important to move your neck WITHOUT PAIN but to feel a good stretch as you put the neck through its normal full available movement. Hold each step for 3-5 seconds.

If you remember to do these simple exercises each day, we're sure you will start to notice a positive difference.

By Lorraine Carroll.

Remember - be sensible!
Know your limits - do not push these movements to the point of pain. If you are currently suffering high levels of neck stiffness or pain it is advised to seek a medical assessment through your GP or our clinic.

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