The Benefits of a Team Approach

Simon and I have been practising for almost 20 years each, almost exclusively in a private practice setting, treating all types of pain and just about every musculoskeletal injury.

It's safe to say that between us, we have accumulated a significant amount of experience, which, together with our academic qualifications, makes us pretty good at what we do. We have helped thousands of clients out of pain over the years, and continue to do so week by week.

That said, we only have two hands and a certain amount of time each week that we can allocate to looking after our clients as well as ensuring the clinic runs optimally. Our family commitments mean working late into the evenings in the clinic is no longer possible for us.

To ensure longevity in the physiotherapy profession, and to try and avoid the dreaded and common 'burnout', to which so many private practice owners have succumbed, we have to manage ourselves carefully, so we can continue to be of use to you and our community for years to come.

So we need help, and thankfully we have it in the great team of physiotherapists we have to support us in our efforts.

teamwork 2499638 960 720Our associate physiotherapists are all carefully selected from the many applicants who apply to work at our clinic knowing they will be well supported and mentored, will gain excellent experience and skills which will help them move ever forward in their careers.

While working with us, we ask they put their clients first and always ask themselves 'what else can I do to help my clients recover as quickly as possible?'.

Each physiotherapist brings their own experience to the clinic and then benefits from our collective experience, which we use to help them manage their clients most effectively.

What we all use is Mount Merrion Physiotherapy & Health's unique Functional Integrated
Physiotherapy (FIP) approach which combines the best, most effective and scientifically validated techniques derived from manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, medical acupuncture, electrotherapeutics and biopsychosocial strategies. This approach ensures a therapeutic standard and a continuity of care is always maintained. If Simon or myself are not available right away, we are confident you will be well looked after by one of the team.

Further steps we take to ensure you receive the best possible treatment include maintaining detailed clinical notes, so each team member knows the specifics of a clients problem, what techniques have been utilised and what the therapeutic outcome was. These notes allow for effective treatment planning and progression and negate the need to 'start over' if one team member takes over the care of another team members client should it be necessary. We also hold weekly team meetings where we confidentially discuss and share techniques to help those clients who may not be responding to treatment as quickly as we would like. Simon and I are also available to drop into any treatment session to give advice and guidance should it be necessary.

We are therefore confident that every client who attends the clinic for treatment will be well looked after, regardless of which member of the team they consult. If ever this is not the case, we urge you to please contact us so we can make it right.

In good health,

Lorraine Carroll

Practice Principal

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