Three tips for preventing back pain

About 60% of my clients are suffering from and being treated for low back pain.

Once resolved, my top three tips for preventing another episode are:

1. Get good sleep.

Inadequate or non restorative sleep increases the risk of developing back pain as well as other health problems. Sleep hygiene is essential, sleep coaching necessary for some. If you are struggling with sleep, let me help you with some specific coaching.

desk pain2. Move more.

Get up from sitting and move for at least 2-3 minutes every hour, 10 minutes every two hours and for half an hour at lunchtime. Use a stand up desk from time to time. Take an evening walk. Climb the stairs. Do a PhysioPilates or Yoga class. As humans we are designed to move in different ways as often as possible.

3. Look after your mental health.

Anxiety and depression are strongly associated with persistent low back pain. One problem seems to feed off the other. Addressing psychosocial issues, if required, as part of a course of physiotherapy treatment is essential. It is also important to support this by finding time to relax and meditate, spend time with friends and family, do regular exercise and eat well.

Trying to make a few changes in each will go a long way towards helping you avoid or prevent the recurrence of low back pain. The more changes you are able to make, with support if needed, so your back pain risk will reduce even more.

If you need some help, please contact us here at the clinic on 01 2834303.

In good health,


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