Tips For Shedding The Christmas Pounds

fermentsAlthough I didn’t completely lose all sense of self-control during the recent festive period, I have had to drop back a notch on my belt. I’m sure I am not the only person to have gained some additional weight over Christmas. As expected, the media is full of tips and ideas for getting back on a healthy track. I have recently come across a few tips that I feel are worth sharing.

A nutritionist specialising in women’s health and hormonal balance, Marilyn Glenville, shares these top tips:

  • Stop eating sugar!
  • Balance your omega-3 and omega-6 (choose krill oil)
  • Take vitamin D
  • Eat foods high in B vitamins and magnesium to support the adrenal glands

In my own experience, cutting out sugar will be the single most effective habit for aiding fat loss. Read the reasons behind these tips here - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/11320561/Health-and-fitness-advice-Simple-nutrition-advice.html

Health Hacks

Cancer researcher and professor or medicine, David B Angus, shares his top tips:

  • Eat at the same time every day
  • Never wear shoes that hurt your feet (why a regular flu jab is related)
  • Only shop at the edges of the supermarket
  • Stand up as often as possible
  • Know your body better than anyone else

I agree with eating at the same time of day, standing and knowing our own bodies. I don’t wear shoes that are uncomfortable but didn’t realise the connection to the flu jab!

Full details here - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/11320538/Health-and-fitness-advice-health-hacks-for-busy-people.html

Healthy gut bacteria

This is one my partner and I have been experimenting with for over a year - fermenting our own vegetables to increase our healthy gut bacteria. I’m converted!! Neither of us have suffered a severe cold or illness since and when a cough or head-cold appears, it disappears as quickly as it arrived.

Our modern lifestyles are thought to be too sterile, made worse by excessive consumption of processed foods (dead foods), and taking medicine which mostly kills the good bacteria in our bodies.

We can purchase good quality probiotics in health stores but they are expensive. The quality or ‘aliveness’ of the bacteria in these products is also questionable. The cheapest and most effective source of good bacteria is in home-prepared fermented vegetables. It does require a little bit of prep work but it is certainly worth it.

For an excellent resource on fermented recipes see here - http://paleoleap.com/fermented-food-recipes/

No need for fad diets

As David Cameron recently stated, most of us need only cut back on the sweet and starchy foods and exercise a little bit more to get us back on track. This is my approach and I’ve already tightened my belt that extra notch once again.

Keep up the good intentions and remember to do something each and every day towards your goal. It’s the little wins that reap the big ones.

Take care, Robin

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