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As this strange year marches on, many of us benefit from some time to pause and reflect on what has happened, where we are and where we are going. To thrive we need to look after our physical and mental health like never before, making it a priority to ensure we are strong and resilient to whatever challenges may come our way. We are grateful to have helped so many of you recover your health after the lockdown period, however, there is still much work to be done.

Summer Break

If you are undergoing a course of physiotherapy, but have summer travel plans which will delay your next treatment session, please keep in mind the following:

reachTry to break longer journeys with a movement break at least every hour, where you move from a sitting position and have a walk around for at least 5 minutes. Movement breaks will help prevent excess strain on the back and neck and is also essential for your circulation. You could also try reaching upwards with both hands, make yourself tall and take a few deep breaths. This simple exercise will help further mobilise the spine and aerate the lungs, so you don't feel so sluggish on arrival.

It's very important to continue your prescribed exercises which will help with pain management, and continue to improve your mobility, strength and function. We understand it can be difficult when your routine changes, however, if you could slot in a daily exercise session, maybe after your morning coffee, you will continue to improve and be less likely to fall behind.

Many of my clients, especially those with neck pain, benefit from taking their pillow with them when possible. If not, try to ensure you have enough pillow width (may need to double up) to fill the space between your head and the mattress if you are lying on your side, this will help reduce overnight joint strain.

Please be sure to have your follow up physiotherapy appointment booked for your return. It is essential to reassess, your pain provocation, joint and muscle function, as well as neurodynamic tests, which may have changed during the break and progress your treatment accordingly for best overall results.

Strive Shoes

Mind your feet with a Strive sandal which helps control a tendency for the foot to over-pronate (roll in) when walking. The Strive sandals and shoes not only provide this support as well as cushioning but also look stylish...not what you would expect from a medical device!


The range is available in different sizes & styles, priced at 89.95. To purchase or for more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and we will be in touch.


Please allow a couple of days for your receipts to be issued by email, following a request. Changes by the insurance companies regarding the formats required mean it takes extra time to compile, check and send receipts. We will do our best to send them on as quickly as possible.

In good health

Lorraine Carroll

MPhty(Manips), BPhysio, MISCP, BMAS

& Simon Coghlan
MSc, BSc, DipMedAc, MISCP
Practice Principals


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