We can't fix our Bodies with a Software Update

tech imageWe live in an age of immediate gratification, usually at the touch of a button. It has to be quick, effective and more often than not, the cheaper the better.

News flash! The human body does not work that way. We cannot download a software update to remove all bugs and fix the problems.

The human body takes time to heal, there is usually no quick fix, no app to provide a cure. In fact, given how we are abusing our bodies with poor diets, too much or too little or too much exercise, and stress, it is now taking even longer for bodies to heal.

Here at the clinic, we use the latest science to help our clients heal and recover as quickly as possible, but we cannot re-engineer millions of years of evolution. The body should be nurtured, patiently and with due care, we only have one and cannot order another online.

Need help? Please give us a call and book an appointment.

In good health,

Simon Coghlan

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