What sort of problems have we been treating?

It has been a very busy few months for us at the clinic, with many patients seeking help for different types of problems.

We have been working hard with our more senior clients to help them restore or improve their mobility, strength, balance and functional independence after many long and inactive lockdown months. We aim to help improve our clients' confidence to interact with their grandchildren, for example, safely and without the risk of physical injury or falls.

We have also been helping many clients with chronic headaches, persistent body aches and pains (such as Fibromylagia), persistent lower back pain and other conditions associated with anxiety, depression and fear exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are also treating a number of clients with Long Covid symptoms including pain and fatigue.

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In recent weeks, many understandably enthusiastic golfers and tennis players have also been seeking treatment for injuries picked up by doing a bit too much too quickly. Whether tennis or golf or both! ...please take it gently. Ease your way back, don't try to be at your best right away, take rest days, build up time on the court or gold course over a few weeks. For more on this topic, please click here

All our physiotherapists are state-regulated by CORU and members of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists.

Our unique Functional Integrated Physiotherapy (FIP) approach combines the best, most effective and scientifically validated techniques derived from manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, medical acupuncture, electrotherapeutics and biopsychosocial strategies.

If you're struggling with pain, restricted movement, a loss of strength, are lacking confidence or feeling physically vulnerable, we may be able to help. Please email us at message@mmphysiotherapy if you have any questions about physiotherapy or the types of problems we treat.

In good health,

Simon Coghlan  MSc, BSc Physio, DipMedAc

Practice Principal

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