Why 'Drop In' Pilates does not work

The Pilates classes we offer are termed  PhysioPilates in an effort to distinguish the classes as medical exercise and rehabilitation classes, designed and delivered for those who may be managing pain such low back and neck pain for example.

Our small classes are delivered as pre booked courses or 'terms' by degree qualified chartered physiotherapists who have undergone specific post graduate education in the Pilates exercise method which has then been adapted for use within our clinic to cater for the specific needs of our clients. It is because we run these types of classes that our clients are able to submit their class fees as a tax deductible medical expenses.

Our classes are therefore distinct from an every day 'keep fit' type class which is often offered on a drop in, pay as you go basis.

1400e4da c5a4 4cca 95ed 00a418d5d469 2In order for our PhysioPilates service to be effective in meeting the needs of our clients, most of whom have, or are being treated for pain conditions, it is important that the classes are given priority and attended as per the schedule to get the best clinical results.

This allows a core group of clients to work closely with our instructors, where exercises can be progressed carefully and allowing most of the class to move on together at the same level. This allows them to achieve the best outcomes from the class including pain symptom management and improved strength, stability and mobility.

By contrast the ‘drop in’ approach to running classes generally results in a lack of continuity, a disrupted class dynamic and ability to help support and work with a core group.

We used to offer ‘make up classes’ which, subject to availability, allowed clients who missed a class to make it up at some other date, usually in a different class. This resulted in a mixing of classes with less than optimal clinical outcomes as well as complaints from clients who, as regular attendees, came to their scheduled classes each week as a priority. It was also very difficult for our instructors to properly prepare and 'programme' a class as it was not always known who might be attending and what her or his specific needs and clinical history was.

When considering the above, in an effort to preserve the integrity and medical benefits of our PhysioPilates service, we felt we needed to make a change. By no longer facilitating make up classes, we are able to remain true to our ethos as a clinic and are seeing much better results with our valued clients. Not everyone likes change, but sometimes it’s necessary to try and make something better.

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