Why is our Lifespan Decreasing?

For the first time in history, despite advances in medical care, the predicted lifespan of our children is less than ours as adults.

Why? .....poor diet and a lack of exercise according to the experts.

Some of the best evidence we have on what we should be eating, to enjoy a healthy and long life, comes from cookbooks written before the 1950s. The type of food our grandmothers were preparing.

There are millions of pages, derived from these old cookbooks, which describe what was being eaten and how it was prepared, at a time when people were living longer than they are now.

life stage icon 2889015 640In 1957 Ancel Keys came along and cherry-picked research to support his flawed opinion that fat in the diet causes heart disease. This notion that fat in the diet causes heart disease turned out to be an unproven hypothesis which has been conclusively dismissed.

However, the consequences of Ancel Keys’ research and opinions are still having an impact today. He was the man who devised the nutritional guidelines and food pyramids which put carbohydrates, including sugars at the centre of the diet effectively demonised fats.

The result has been a worldwide population, which for the most part, is fatter and sicker than ever before in history.

Deciding what to eat can be very confusing, based on the plethora of consuming and conflicting research and so-called expert opinions.

A simple way to learn what to eat is to consider what people were eating at a time when they were healthier and living longer, and reviewing old cookbooks can provide great insight. Dr Cate Shanahan did precisely that when researching her excellent book Deep Nutrition which I would highly recommend as a no-nonsense guide as to what constitutes a healthy diet.

If you would like to learn more and take control of your weight, your health and fitness, I would recommend a health coaching session at the clinic. We can work out where you are and what needs to be done to have you living a healthy and happy life for many years to come.

In good health,

Simon Coghlan

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